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Playing sports is a part of life for many of our patients, and their children. Sadly, what can be a fun activity for athletes can quickly become a dental nightmare when teeth aren’t properly protected. Thanks to our highly trained staff, we have the tools necessary to not only repair sports-related dental injuries, but also avoid them entirely with advanced prevention techniques.

Mouthguards are easily recognized as being an important aspect of sports dentistry because they not only protect teeth, but also the temporomandibular joint, gums, lips, and can even prevent injuries to parts of the face and head. In many schools, mouthguards are mandatory for playing contact sports.

Here at Downer’s Grove Orthodontics, we are proud to match athletes of all ages with a custom mouthguard that can best serve them. Our kind, compassionate team looks forward to helping you discover a mouth guard that is perfect for the sport you are playing, and fits just right for your teeth.

Whether you are playing professional sports or simply have a child on a little league team, it’s important to make sure that the teeth of athletes are protected. Contact us today to set up an appointment so that we can help you protect your teeth through a high-quality mouth guard.

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