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When any of our patients start to develop a treatment plan with Downers Grove, IL, orthodontist, Dr. B., the first step is an exam that includes dental history and x-rays. This allows our team to decide if braces are needed or a different treatment plan will be better.

To apply the braces, a retractor is used to gently hold the lips back, so the teeth can then be polished, air dried, and primed to get them ready for the brackets, which are coated with cement and placed onto the teeth. A special light is used to solidify the brackets. Afterward, wires are placed into the brackets, connecting them together.

At regular intervals, Dr. B. will check the progress of your tooth straightening and adjust the braces. During adjustments, the wires and the colored elastics will also be replaced with fresh ones, and the teeth cleaned.

To keep your teeth and braces clean at home, you should keep up with healthy dental hygiene habits such as regular brushing and the use of dental picks and mouth rinses. During the course of the orthodontic treatment, it’s also recommended that patients with braces abstain from gummy foods, very hard foods, and sugary beverages since all of these can cause damage to teeth as well as braces.

When the treatment plan has run its course, the braces will be gently removed. Our patients are so excited on the day of removal, and our whole team celebrates with them! Within a few weeks, after the braces are removed, you will need to wear a custom retainer night and day. Once the teeth are more stabilized, the retainer is often only needed overnight.

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